April 20, 2017

TITLE: You Are Not Alone

You are NOT alone!

Hello. Charles Carr, here. The 4,321,767th person in line for the presidency, the 26,276th Beatle, and a proud standard bearer for a liberal minority working to change conservative minds -- just 'cause we happen to be right.

But don't despair, fellow lefties, our situation is nowhere near as dire as popular opinion might have you believe. In fact, if anything, things are getting better.

I heard from a lot of people this week with comments about the new column. Longtime reader of my other stuff and die-hard leftie, Bob Lerner, points out, "Contrary to what most people think, Valley Center is not dominated by the GOP. According to the Registrar of Voters, there are 10,464 registered voters in VC, of whom 55 percent are Republicans. That leaves a surprising 45 percent divided among Democrats (23 percent) and Independents (22 percent). The latter group, which includes 'declined to state,' historically votes with the Democratic Party. So the numbers from the left are quite significant. And growing."

(By-the-way, righties, make a note: that's Democratic Party, not Democrat Party.)

That's great news, corroborated by VC Democratic Club vice president (and the town's current honorary mayor) Laura Gordon, who writes, "Believe it or not, there are STILL Democrats in Valley Center who think they're the ONLY Democrat here! Help us reach them. VC Dems will be in the VC Western Days Parade for our third year! We need people to ride on the float and to walk alongside handing out flags/beads/etc. to spectators. Since the parade theme is 'Celebrating Our Youth,' we'd really love to get more kids involved (plus they have more energy and speed to run along passing out items!). We need some early arrivals to help decorate our float, and we need lots of participants! Please sign up now!"

Dems in the VC Western Days Parade? Impossible, unbelievable -- un-freaking-thinkable. Frankly, I must confess to being dubious, myself, that the courageous group would make it to my announcer's station near the end of the route without being chased off by righties with pitchforks and shotguns. So, we've really got to hand it a courageous little club that understood our VC friends and neighbors were more willing to accept other points of view than many of us gave them credit for. Well done!

The fact is, the VC Dem Club has consistently shown a willingness to work to improve the lives of citizens, even with groups diametrically opposed to liberal thought. One example: This past May, Gordon and club prez Judy Dobrotin attended a seminar on sex trafficking victims presented by the Republican Women here in VC, presented by an organization named Facess (www.facess.org). "We wanted you to be aware of this organization in case you ever run across a victim you will have an organization to call for help," Dobrotin wrote at the time. "Please look it up on-line to get a better understanding of what they can accomplish. This organization is not with Child Care Protective Services and they have their own financial sources. This means that their hands are not tied as they are with our social services and the police so that this allows their organization to quickly rescue a victim. Hopefully you will never have to use this information but in case you do you will have a source to go to for help."

If only we could see more of that across the nation.

If you're interested in learning more about this area's liberal renaissance, circle June 25 on your calendar. That's the date of the VC Dems' upcoming Potluck/Social (location TBD). My wife and I have attended several of these and always have a great time. A very fun, friendly group of folks -- and absolutely ZERO pressure.

In the meantime, attend VC Chamber's next "Mayor's Race Throw Down Thursday" and support the Dems' (or whoever's) candidate for honorary mayor, taking place Apr. 27 at Hilltop Winery (30803 Hilltop View Ct.).

For more info, contact Laura Gordon at lgordon777@cox.net or call 619-254-3315.

Until next time, fellow Southpaws, remember that you are not alone. Continue making new friends and changing inquiring minds wherever you find them. Future columns have the working titles: "Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old (GOP) Boss" and "Really? I Mean, REALLY?"


Charles Carr has written well over a thousand articles and stories for the Union-Tribune, the Orange County Register, the Californian, Parent Magazine, and many others. He's also a playwright with many of his shows appearing at prominent So Cal venues and co-founder of the indie studio Art Animates Life Films. Carr is author of "What a World," a compilation of stories that have appeared here and elsewhere. Contact him at charlescarr.com.