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"Passage Into Fear"
is coming to Balboa Park!

Pictured: Nella Lewark (L) and Amber Stroyer (R)
Tickets go on sale SOON!
"Passage Into Fear," is a mystery thriller
in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie set
during the waning days of World War I. "Passage" will be
presented at the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park
in conjunction with events the world over observing
the hundred-year anniversary of the Great War.

"The Veterans Museum is the perfect West Coast location for the final year of
Passage shows," said the play's writer/director Charles Carr (also playwright/director
of "It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol," "All the Time in the World,"
and "Mr. Scrooge & Mr. Dickens")
. "The audience, literally surrounded
by history on every side, will feel as if they've actually walked inside the show."

A few comments from reviewers and attendees of past shows:

"Action, humor, drama, twists and
turns -- this show has it all!"
-- Peter Rayman
("Passage Into Fear")
"A smart presentation -- and possibly the most
pleasant history lesson I've ever had!"

-- Rick Marian
("Passage Into Fear")
"This show is fabulous!"
-- Diane Cunningham
("Mr. Scrooge & Mr. Dickens")
"So much fun! Even our KIDS loved it!"
-- Kyle Jannet
("It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol")
"We all had a great time! And that little
girl in the show; what a doll!"

-- Janice Dayle
("Passage Into Fear")
"It felt like we were INSIDE a movie!"
-- Deanna and Ronnie Beale
("All the Time in the World")
"Carr's love letter to a time gone by."
-- The North County Times ("All the Time in the World")
"The California Center for the Arts was the
perfect venue for a show this good!"
-- Martin Franz ("It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol")
"I've seen previous productions of Passage Into Fear
but this is by far the best... Good acting and
fantastic visual and sound effects. All in all,
it's a wonderful theatrical experience."
-- Mel Alpert
("Passage Into Fear")
"This is just the right show for someone who
says they don't normally enjoy theater."
-- Jack Brell
("It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol")

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