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Welcome to Carr Kids' Vids!

Samantha Carr's
full length
comedy thriller,
Mystery High

Boy on the Moon

written and directed
by Alex Caratti (Carr)

FIRST PLACE San Diego County iVIE
award-winner and featured selection at the
Fallbrook International Film Festival!

Watch our short films!

Click here to meet
Flour and Bluto
and watch their
award-winning video,

The Movie I Made About
What My Little Brother
Bluto Did Last Summer

Click here to learn about Sammi Carr's
original anti-drug play,

That's How I Died,
performed at
Valley Center Middle School

Sins of the Father
Sins is the first and still only film to win a first place iVIE trophy in the entire Valley Center/Pauma
School District

Sins of the Father web page here

The Movie I Made About
What My Little Brother
Bluto Did Last Summer

Flour and Bluto's
award-winning movie!
Cereal Medicino
The video Sammi made in 5th grade is still used by the San Diego School District to demonstrate county bilingual programs
Miss P.O.T.U.S. (President of the Upper School)
Sammi's 5th grade video is still shown to illustrate the electoral process

Meet Flour
Sammi's first video featuring the outrageous tween, Flour

Adventure on a Strange Planet
Alex's 4th grade hand-drawn
sci-fi cartoon

Sammi's Super Science
Sammi's 6th grade social studies project

Alex's Seven Steps to Super Videos
An assignment for his 6th grade Language Arts class

Get Used to It!
A mini-movie Sammi made with several of her 7th grade classmates

The Tender Trap
Sammi's award-winning live performance at the 2005 Teen Talent Show (apologies to Frankie!)

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